Artist Statement:
My realm is the multiple layered image, that for me is a language in itself.
Divination, Oracles and healing methods inspire me and my work. 
Photography is magic it is not a fixed medium and leaves room for open ended experimentation and expression.
The process is like a form of djeying with images to derive at something like a homeopathic recipe for a medecine made of light and information.
The special atmosphere sought after
is easily dissolved by disharmony so it becomes a true practice of concentration
to amalgamate the ingredients and dense them into a potent energy sculpture
that can exist as a two dimensional object but is not limited to being that.
The process of research through various means plays an important part. I turn to nature and spiritual practices as my guide to explore and make. Archived images,collages, objects and pieces already created reenter the cycle.

I insert pieces of information from various sources, places I visited material or immaterial, textiles or objects that have served in a specific context and hold that energy.